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India is an ever demanding destination for people for centuries. India represents a kaleidoscope of color and festivals, perfumes and aromas, cuisine and costumes. The different thing about India is its diversity, richness and variety it offers along with earthy flavor. Be it a spiritual journey, relaxed holiday, adventure voyage, wildlife panorama, beach vacations, hill hiking, dreamy deserts, spicy trail, tea gardens or holistic heritage, India Tour has everything for everyone. Because of this only, India is a must visit country for every travel enthusiast itinerary.

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These itineraries introduce you to a rich and diverse religious culture and long-standing traditions. The cuisine is a similarly eclectic experience, and you'll have many opportunities to savor the spicy dishes for which India is known. We aim not only at providing excellent services but also at the realization of your dream package. Xplore Tourism is one of the most reliance and trustworthy Travel Company in Siliguri, West Bengal. Our profession is to provide excellence, brilliance and satisfactions to our customers swiftly and exclusively. We, being the tour organizer in SIliguri proudly count ourselves among the best travel companies in West Bengal. An Inbound touring facility is provided by our company. Our excellent team of professional and experienced staff sets a standing example of providing quality service to all its esteemed customers. We believe in providing an authentic travel experience that has never been offered to our customers before.

Xplore Tourism offers a range of attractive tour packages which come with numerous features and specialties to suit the tastes and requirements of all parties. Besides having associations and tie-ups with leading hotels and resorts as well as recognized by most tourism bodies and organizations, Xplore Tourism is a dedicated and focused travel company offering customizable tour packages to give you an enjoyable and seamless holiday trip to India. With our energy and enthusiasm, we are committed to offer travel services of the highest quality. Over the years our greatest satisfaction has come from the happy testimonials of all the people who have realized the joys of travel with us. We have concentrated on responding to the needs of the time while anticipating the demand of the future. We are dedicated in broadening our scope beyond the field of travel into new horizons. It has been our basic aim to provide our clients with a vast array of flexible options and innovative ideas. Vacations are the only way to spend our time together with our family, dear one and friends. This is the time for relaxation, to rejuvenate you from the hectic office work, domestic work, schools and colleges work. It is necessary to have a good Tour Planner who has good knowledge with experience and all travel related arrangements for catering all your travel related exact queries and requirements.