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Xplore Tourism offers a range of attractive tour packages which come with numerous features and specialties to suit the tastes and requirements of all parties. Besides having associations and tie-ups with leading hotels and resorts as well as recognized by most tourism bodies and organizations, Xplore Tourism is a dedicated and focused travel company offering customizable tour packages to give you an enjoyable and seamless holiday trip to India.

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Inspiring destinations within your reach.

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We bring you the best of the country. Get along for an amazing vacation.

Sikkim has been given many names. The Lepchas, original inhabitants of the land called it Nye-mae-el `paradise'.

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Darjeeling is fondly called “the queen of the hills”. The literal meaning of the word is “the land of thunderbolt”.

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A vast texture of dense forests teemed with wildlife, unending tea gardens, babbling rivers, interspersed with settlements.

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Uttarakhand - the land of gods, the home of Himalayas and truly a paradise on earth, allures everyone from everywhere.

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Our Testimonial

We love to share what our client has to say !
Rahul Chettri

Just wanted to say thank you for your great work in booking our trip to Costa Rica. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. All the arrangements and transfers worked like clockwork, I appreciate your efforts in making this happen.

Sangeeta Biswas

We rarely use a travel agency for our trips, but with an excellent reference from friends and our trip to Uttarakhand being such a complicated trip, we chose you. Right from the start we both knew we wanted to work with you.

Binod Lama

The trip was absolutely amazing! We had such a great time exploring and even a little relaxing. We went over to Namchi, Tarey bheer, and Pelling but our favorite place was Tarey Bheer. The service was really good and they took great care of us.

Barun Chakraborty

It was brilliant. I enjoyed everything. I had a wonderful time and am happily recommending you to all my friends. I was particularly impressed by the attention to detail in the organisation - the food, the selection of dishes at each meal,etc.